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Appointment Policy for Veterinarians

To allow ample time for all patients and procedures, I operate primarily by appointment. Appointments are made online. Since the service is limited to 50 participating general practice hospitals, emergency cases may be possible. For patients I have evaluated in the last year at participating hospitals, I am able to provide you prompt review of radiographs, ECG, and laboratory testing by phone, text, and email - usually while the patient and client are still at your clinic. If treatment changes are needed, more times than not, you will know before they leave your office. Please call or text me if you have questions at 760 331 7603.

Appointments are made using the online booking service.  Instantly check for a day that works for your client. Dr. Herndon will call your hospital between 8-10AM the day of the appointment to provide the specific arrival time. Arrival times are determined the morning of the appointments to minimize drive distance.  The patient should be dropped off by 10AM unless specific arrangements have been made. Shaving will almost always be utilized to optimize image quality during the ultrasound.  Sedation is rarely needed for ultrasound.  Patient examination, travel fee, review of all data, ECG, echocardiogram, and thoracic ultrasound are all included. Aspirates/centesis are extra. 

Referral letters will be available via a weblink provided in an email immediately following completion of patient evaluation.  The patient report can be printed, downloaded, or remain as a permanent weblink in your records. 


Payment Policy

Invoices will be sent by email. For your convenience, direct bank payment, credit card, or personal checks will be accepted.